2016 Circular and notice of General Meeting

General Meeting, 5th April 2017

Nighthawk Energy plc is pleased to announce that all resolutions were duly passed at the general meeting of the Company held earlier today, including the resolution to approve the Waiver (as described in the Company’s announcement and Circular, both dated 15 March 2017) which was passed by independent shareholders on a poll.


Poll Result Summary

Resolution 1 (ordinary resolution) – approval of Takeover Code Rule 9 waiver

For                                                      Against

28,879,011 (99.87%)               37,233 (0.13%)

Memorandum and articles of association of the Company

Audited consolidated accounts of the Company for the three years ended 31 December 2015

A. 2015-Annual-report-Final-as-filed.pdf
B. 2014-Nighthawk-Annual-Report-final.pdf
C. 2013-Nighthawk-Annual-Report.pdf

Written consent of Stockdale

Signed Consent Letter

Material contracts of the Company referred to in paragraph 6 of Part IV of the circular in respect of contracts entered into in relation to the Waiver

6.1.11 2013 conv loan note Supplementary Instrument.pdf
6.1.11 2013 convertible note extension 2016.pdf
6.1.11 2013 convertible note.pdf
6.1.2 Credit Agreement with Commonwealth Bank of Australia.PDF
6.1.2a First Amendment to CBA Credit Agreement.pdf
6.1.2b Second Amendment to CBA Credit Agreement.pdf
6.1.2c Third Amendment to CBA Credit Agreement.PDF
6.1.2d Fourth Amendment to CBA Credit Agreement.PDF
6.1.2e Fifth Amendment to CBA Credit Agreement.PDF
6.1.8 Kattrumpan Fastighets AB loan agreement final signed.pdf
6.1.8a Kattrumpan Fastighets AB Faculty Ammendment.pdf
6.1.9 Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan agreement FINAL signed.pdf
6.1.9a Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan first variation of terms FINAL.pdf
6.1.9b Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan second variation of terms.pdf
6.1.9c Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan third variation of terms.pdf
6.1.9d Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan fourth variation of terms.pdf
6.1.9e Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan fifth variation of terms.pdf
6.1.9f Fastighetsaktiebolaget Korpralen bridge loan sixth variation of terms.pdf

Irrevocable undertakings of the directors




Proxy Materials



June, 2016 – Interim Report

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