Substantial Shareholder Information

Shares in issue:  964,076,330  Shares not in public hands – 27.42% 

Significant Shareholders Information as of 31 March 2017

Significant Shareholders >3% Amount % Holding
Mr Johan Claesson (1)  159,365,297 16.5%
Mr Peter Gyllenhammar (2)  99,767,857 10.4%
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Mgt 88,800,234 9.2%
TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Limited, a/c SMKTNOMS 78,996,879 8.2%
Barclays Wealth and Investment  Management (UK) 68,467,525 7.1%
Halifax Share Dealing 50,588,791 5.25%

(1) Mr Johan Claesson is the direct and indirect owner of more than 50% of Claesson & Anderzén AB that owns indirectly 100% of Fastighets AB Korpralen, holding 106,480,797 shares in Nighthawk Energy plc. Mr Claesson holds 24,584,500 shares in his own name and 28,300,000 shares in his 100 % privately owned company Johan och Marianne Claesson AB.

(2) Mr Peter Gyllenhammar’s holding is held by Peter Gyllenhammar AB, of which he is 100% owner.

The above Significant Shareholder information has been compiled by the Company based upon shareholding notifications received by the Company and an analysis of the shareholder register.

Director Shareholdings

Director Name Amount % Holding
Rick McCullough  1,100,000 0.1%
Stuart Eaton  1,466,500 0.2%
Chuck Wilson  725,000 0.1%


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